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Coming Home to Lemuria

To once live in Oneness and Joy We have the memories at a cellular level and we can live in this consciousness again Lemurians had a great sense of Unity and Oneness Every individual part was eual to not better than any other and that Love was the key to evolution They created whatever they needed so their only desire was to be of service to the Earth and her children.

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Lemurians came to lift the Earth into the Light and have returned now for the completion of the cycle We know how to be love; we just need to remember that we are Divine Beings clothed in human formMany people are feeling a longing for a peaceful life as the energies of the planet intensify and become increasingly challenging People are feeling afraid of the future the.

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Y feel lonely and hopeless They have lost connection to the Source and to the Truth of who they really are Coming Home To Lemuria is a book of hope and inspiration In Lemuria we lived in Love we had the power to manifest whatever we needed and these powers are available to us now We are at a time on the planet where the freuencies are rising and we have the opportunity.

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    The true LemuriaI have long looking for this book and now it is in my hands I hope that i find the right informations I have read books by other authors on this theme and I feel that this author is the best at the moment

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    35 I was hoping to like this than I did It wasn't bad but it wasn't my favorite Compared to the works of Dolores Cannon or Brian Weiss the regr

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    Enjoying the read

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