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Neither an exposition of scholarly research nor a feel good self help book The Gratitude Factor is a groundbreaking guide to gratitude that helps readers to reflect on the role of gratitude in their lives and to cultivate this virtue for their own benefit The first author to offer a critiue of gratitude and an explanation of.

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The Gratitude Factor

Various types of gratitude Charles Shelton uses his skills as a clinical psychologist to present insights into the human experience of gratitude based on his own research The exercises strategies and reflection uestions threaded throughout the book give it a uniue practical dimension that facilitates the reader's growth in.

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Gratitude Shelton's highly original reflection on Jesus as a grateful person lends a valuable spiritual dimension to his work The Gratitude Factor will benefit individual readers as well as serve as a resource for spiritual direction workshops spiritual formation and religious education courses or ministry formation programs.

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    Charles Shelton is a Jesuit Priest and a psychotherapist His book The Gratitude Factor is chock full of valuable insights an

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    This book surveyed various aspects of gratitude and provided exercises to help cultivate gratitude and increase one's awareness of things for which to be grateful I found it a bit psychology based than I am used to but I did appreciate the reminder to focus on being thankful