The Membranous Lounge ( kindle ) by Hank Kirton

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Had a child that they locked away from the world with only the Maruis De Sade for reading matter and a dietary intake of bad LSD and atrocious B Movies The Membranous Lounge would be the spawn of that child's imagination With an introduction by Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus.

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The Membranous Lounge

Paraphilia Books presents a collection of twisted nihilistic fables for the post capitalist world Welcome To The Membranous Lounge Where ugliness and beauty melt and run together where reality is temperamental and the boundary between normal and grotesue is nebulous The Membr.

review The Membranous Lounge

Anous Lounge is a zone of slippage a twilight area between the layers of the world that are familiar and the terrifyingly unknown It is a chimerical realm inhabited by the hopeless dispossessed and those who have simply turned away Imagine if Ray Bradbury and Jeri Cain Rossi.

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    There are recurring themes and details in this collection nosebleeds puddles of mud suicide obsessions LSD use revenge via supernatural powers revenge that likely will not result in catharsis mystic women and obsessed men strange eyes strange bodies They are all elements of a minor mythology that Kirton is creating that consists of of blue collar men who miss their chances of exploited women who evade the worst of freaks being the only peo

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    Don't listen to me I wrote this book

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