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R than himselfThe Shahs and Patels didn’t mean to start turning the wheels on this “suggested arrangement” so early in their children’s lives but when they noticed them both gravitate toward the same summer program they figured Why notDimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out But when opposites clash love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected way. I expected to love this book as much as everyone else seems to I was really surprised by how much I didn t like this I should start by saying that I thought the first half was good Like 375 4 star material But I REALLY didn t like the second half I came prepared though I expect people to want an explanation for my rating so I ll give it Unfortunately I don t know how to be honest without spoilers so they will be here Now why I didn t like this bookview spoiler1 The whole thing took place at a coding summer camp I was really pumped to see a smart girl who s passionate about coding and who kicks butt at it But the details of the camp weren t even mentioned beyond a tallent show which took over the plot The story could have taken place in any other location and never even mention coding and the plot wouldn t have been effected That sucked It could have been really interesting2 Not only was the coding not a part of the plot but Dimple who was supposed to be a BA tallented coder who wanted this than anything else totally forgot her dreams and stopped working for her future when she started dating Rishi That sucked even She was no longer a strong uniue character that I looked up to she was just a love sick girl who looked like every other character in this genre She lost what made her cool3 Consent I don t want to spend much time here All I have to say is that when Rishi said stop and not yet she ignored him and kept pushing kept kissing him kept saying But I want to Now If the gender rolls had been reversed and a MAN had done that to her people would be disgusted But it s fine this way right No It s messed up and isn t romantic I don t care if he ended up liking it before she dumped him4 Speaking of which she couldn t just dump him She had to break him destroy him make him uestion his worth That s crap and I m sick of seeing characters do this thinking it s the right thing to do It s not original it s annoying 5 The heart to hears near the end when everything started falling into their perfect place were so cheesy it was like I was watching Full House which is a good show but come on those heart to hearts are ridiculous6 More unrealistic stuff Rishi handing over the USB of All the work she put into the tallent show a part about how important the app was and why she wanted her to see it and Jenni being like Yeah alright I m not handed stuff every day from people who want me to work with them I ll take the time to watch that It s just not the way stuff works7 Insta Freaking Love hide spoiler

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Spiring web developersrightRishi Patel is a hopeless romantic So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him wherein he’ll have to woo her he’s totally on board Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life Rishi wants to be arranged believes in the power of tradition stability and being a part of something much bigge. EDIT Please read my homegirl Tweebs reviewSo I just checked and realized I ve been reading this for 10 days It never takes me that long This booky all this book was such a huge disappointment and I promised myself if it were to be one I would draw bananas all over my exams I was hoping to finish this cringe before my exams but it s so gross I legit dragged this one for like 10 days Not gonna lie this was actually somewhat fun and cute towards the beginning But then this one kid named Dimple came in with her rude ass attitude and abuse behavior and justsomeone learn how to transport people into books because I want to teach her some manners I don t like Dimple She s fucking abusive rude and just full on annoying literally go away I hate her She is disrespectful filled with attitude and akdbsjfbdjhd She literally talked so much shit to Rishi when he wasn t even responsible for half the shit she was saying to him Her sole purpose is to fucking bitch at people for no reasonOh and she s really fucking abusive I noticed many times throughout the book she d be punching and hitting Rishi and he even complained to her to stop and it hurt It doesn t matter if she s a girl Abuse is abuse Hitting and punching him was wrong especially when it hurt him If it were the other way around everyone would point it out If Rishi punched her and she said it hurt y all would be screaming out abuse I m so done with her And some of y all are making excuses for her and brushing it off as her being a strong character Uhhh no that s A B U S E Can t believe people were ignoring this i m disgusted The writing is Um what the fuck even Filled with cringe cringe and cringe it was really bad The kissing was literally described so horribly and the characters came off as whiny immature and ridiculously annoying to me Even Rishi ummmmmmmm the story line was boring meThe only good thing about this book is learning about Indian culture and traditions It was informative and that s about all the good things in this book So like overall no BUDDY READ WITH MY FAVORITE ASSHOLE SOLOMON screamsI JUST BOUGHT THE EBOOK FOR THIS AND IM SO READY

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Dimple Shah has it all figured out With graduation behind her she’s than ready for a break from her family from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband” Ugh Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level though If they truly believed she needed a husband right now they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for a. 255 stars People this books is the worst lol don t read it Me hahahah it can t be that badMe is wrong Usually this was where I d put a uote that I liked from the book but the writing in this book sucked But I don t wanna mess up the aesthetic of my reviews So yeah you re stuck with thatSo what even is the point of me being on this website if I don t even listen to the thousands of negative reviews on my feed that are there to guide me towards great books Every single time someone tells me not to read a book I proceed to ignore everything they say because what do they know and read it any ways Guess what 10 out of 10 times that someone is right And 10 out of 10 times they end up commenting on my review laughing at my pain I m gonna do all of us a favor and just delete my life because I just keep filling it full of disappointmentIn fact all the disappointment I have been acuiring lately has accumulated into something so large you can see it from space All those astronauts in the Internation Space Station are staring down at me at this very moment shaking their heads and wondering what I did to become so full of sorrow but secretly enjoying a new piece of scenery as I m sure looking at space can get very boringI should have aborted this book during the first chapter when I was bombarded with middle grade style writing Actually no I m lying Middle grade books have excellent writing as a published book should which is the exact opposite of this Middle grade books don t deserve to be compared to this trainwreck This writing gave me flashbacks to 13 year old me who spent her days on fanfictionnet writing Good Luck Charlie fanfiction Except 13 year old me s writing might have been even better It was definitely not as annoying But I knew I could have eventually gotten used to the writing so instead of DNFing it right then and there I persevered thinking it couldn t possibly get any worse But Spoiler Alert it did One day when technology advances to a point where time machines are a thing that exists the first thing I will do is go back to the moment when I decided to open this book and stop myself Just so I go avoid the pain and suffering that is Dimple ShahI never thought I would hate a character than I hate Rowan Whitethorn but heyyy Dimple came pretty close I don t even think I can form a paragraph of all the reasons why she s the worst so here s a list not like other girls doesn t wear makeup bc she s not like other girls mentions the fact she doesn t wear makeup at least 30 times per chapter throws iced coffee and some guy because he attacked her and by attacked I mean he spoke words to her and obviously that isn t okay even as a person who doesn t drinklike coffee i know that is a giant waste of like 5 but at least she s a strong independent woman actually her exact words are she was no delicate flower and rishi s exact words were spirited which he said about a million times before page 35 and also by strong independent women i mean she s a controlling bitch who is physically abusive SHE LITERALLY PUNCHED RISHI AND HURT HIM AND FELT NO REMORSE Dimple punched him in the ribs lighter than she wanted to but he still winced She never lets Rishi have any say on anything Like she decided what they are gonna do for their app And also what they are going to do for the talent show doesn t wear makeup Also there was a part when someone told her how to pronounce his name AND SHE FUCKING TOLD HIM HE WAS PRONOUNCING HIS OWN NAME WRONG Like If I tell you Emi is pronounced as Kate Middleton my name is fucking pronounced Kate Middleton and not like Emmy seriously also I ve had a person once message me and ask me how to pronounce my name I thought it was pretty simple but there s a pronunciation guide for y all in case you were ever wondering But wait it gets better Because LIKE TWO PAGES LATER SHE GETS MAD AT THEM FOR PRONOUNCING RISHI WRONG Like don t you understand where their anger is probably coming from now Also because she s not rich and doesn t wear makeup she s better than everyone else also there was one part when rishi called her an introvert and I was like wtf since when not once in the book were we ever shown she s an introvert no introvert I know would throw iced coffee at people and go to 40000 different social events but let s jump back up to the beginning of the story right after she met rishi WHEN SHE HATED HIM FOR NO GODDAMN REASON Like maybe he said the wrong thing but it wasn t necessarily creepy or anything People have definitely said a lot worst to someone then hello future wife Bc that is what he said that made her throw coffee at him and hate him for no reason it s not a reason to hate someone also in case you forgot she doesn t wear makeup she mentions it so much so we don t forget also she was so vocally rude like i know you don t like these rich kids aka aberzombies but she is so rude to them and wonders why they are rude to her in return and also it s not like the do something to make her rude to them she hated them the moment she laid eyes on themUrgh I don t even wanna talk about her any Let s move onRishi was okay I didn t hate him He had his redeemable moments But honestly I was too busy being annoyed with Dimple to really pay too much attention to him Which is a shame He seemed cool So what was the plot of this book Because I thought it would be about a girl who goes to coding camp and meets boy and does coding and stuff like that but hahahahahahah nope It was just Dimple being totally unbearable The coding stuff didn t even happen It was mentioned briefly here and there but Dimple and Rishi didn t mention it as much as SOMEONE ATTENDING AN ENTIRE COURSE FOR CODING SHOULD BE I don t know much about coding I ve kinda messed around with it here and there but as an extremely amateur clueless person But I would imagine that coding an app would take uite a lot of focus and dedication especially when there is such a limited timeline view spoiler WHen Dimple was so upset when she didn t win I WAS LITERALLY YELLING AT THE BOOK THAT MAYBE IF YOU ACTUALLY SPEND TIME ON FREAKIGN MAKIGN YOUR APP YOU WOULDN T BE IN THIS POSITION ARHGAUSJD Also she was mad that the aberzombies won because of their zombie beer app and it wasn t as great as hers Like seriously girl You haven t seen their app It could be effing amazing and it applies to a bigger target audience then your app does Just because you think someone is entitled and big headed and won just bc they have money doesn t mean they didn t create an well developed appDimple that entire scene hide spoiler

  • Hardcover
  • 380
  • When Dimple Met Rishi
  • Sandhya Menon
  • English
  • 15 December 2018
  • 9781481478687

About the Author: Sandhya Menon

Sandhya Menon is the New York Times bestselling author of several novels with lots of kissing girl power and swoony boys Her books have been featured in several cool places including on The Today Show Teen Vogue NPR Book Review Buzzfeed and Seventeen A full time dog servant and part time writer she makes her home in the foggy mountains of Colorado

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    If you were looking for your perfect cute summer contemporary romance novel look no furtherThis book was honestly so wonderful It was an absolute delight to read It is adorable It's laugh out loud hilarious It'll give you alllllll the feelsAs this novel follows to Indian American protagonists who's parents have essentially sugges

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    255 stars People this books is the worst lol don't read it Me hahahah it can't be that badMe is wrong Usually this was where I'd put a uote that I liked from the book but the writing in this book sucked But I don't wanna mess up the aesthetic of my reviews So yeah you're stuck with thatSo what even is the point of me being on this website if I don't even listen to the thousands of negative reviews on my feed that are

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    Oh my GOD you guys I know people have said this book is bad I know pretty much every source I trust full on hated

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    I wanted to respond to everyone's comments but I didn't want to come off repetitive so I'll express my gratitude on here Thank you to everyone for being so supportive ❤️❤️❤️ I don't have enough words to describe my love for y'all Bless your souls ❤️❤️❤️In all seriousness I never brought this bullshi

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    EDIT Please read my homegirl Tweebs reviewSo I just checked and realized I've been reading this for 10 days????

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    This is definitely one of the cutest books I've ever laid my eyeballs on It's totally nerdy and full of adorkable socially awkward characters a

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    You know what I was about to force myself to finish this but no Just noDNFing it because I promised myself I would stop torturing myselfDimple

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    Ohhhh do I got a rant for this book When Dimple Met Rishi was supposed to be the book of my dreams It was supposed to clear my acne and water my neglected plants It was supposed to help get into a good university a

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    I expected to love this book as much as everyone else seems to I was really surprised by how much I didn't like this I should start by saying that I thought the first half was good Like 375 4 star material But I REALLY didn't like the second half I came prepared though I expect people to want an explanation for my rating so I'll give it Unfortunately I don't know how to be honest without spoilers so they wil

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    When Dimple met Rishi things did not go well See Dimple and Rishi were promised to each other by their parents On

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